Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

From the Chesapeake Bay Hittys

May God Bless Your Celebration of Jesus' birth!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

In Which a Boy Arrives


A very tiny knock from the front door was heard.  We rushed to answer it, and there, on our front door step, we a young Hitty Boy!  We told him to please, come in from the rain.  He told us that his name is Ian, and asked if he could stay with us.  Always ready to embrace Southern Hospitality in its finest form, of course, we agreed.

A NOTE FROM OUR PERSON:  Ian is a resin Hitty Boy who is the 2012 Hittygirls group doll.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

In Which We don't get to go

There is a grand Hitty gathering this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (today) in Wallingford, PA.  Our person was not doing her duties as a Hitty companion when it was announced, and registrations were closed before she knew she had missed it.  There is much Hitty meeting, greeting, talking, learning, crafting, gifting, traading and adopting, and WE ARE MISSING OUT ON IT.
The Hitty Girls at home decided to Pitch A Fit, and share the photos on the group site for those lucky ones to see when the return home.  Thankfully, the Chesapeake Bay Hittys did not misbehave quite as badly as some other Hitty families.
But, Hitty Beatrix was found writing a very long entry in her journal.  It began "Dear Diary, this is the worst week of my life..."  I suppose she needs to work out her feelings of disappointment, jealousy and saddness on her own.
Hitty Beatrix writes in her diary
Her sister, Hitty Rosemary, went to bed - with an entire chocolate cake!  She refuses to get up until she gets a new dress.  That could be a very, very long time, knowing our Person!
Hitty Rosemary goes to bed
The youngest, Hitty Faith, pitched the worst fit.  It was so disturbing, I'm afraid she had to sit in the corner, instead of enjoying the latest Hitty Robertson book that we received in the mail earlier this month. Hitty Faith must sit in the corner
I will be keeping the entire Hitty family away from the computers here until things settle down.  There is no good thing that can come from them hearing the stories of the luckier Hittys when they return home.

Respectfully yours,
Hitty Grace Sycamore-Brown

Sunday, September 9, 2012

In Which Hitty Grace goes on a Day Trip

Since Hitty Rachel got to go on the summer vacation at the beach in North Carolina, it was Hitty Grace's turn to go to the beach.  Can you guess where we went?

Hitty Grace's Big Day Out

We took a day trip to Ocean City, Maryland.  We left our house before dawn in order to be able to spend the whole day at the beach.

Boardwalk Entrance

We took our cameras while walking the Boardwalk.

The Inlet end of the Boardwalk

There are far less people here now that everyone is back in school, even on the weekends.  During the summer, it is usually too crowded to be fun.  You still need to be careful not to walk infront of the bicyclists, though!  Ask my person how we know this - she was almost hit!

Boardwalk near the Inlet end

The Inlet end of the Boardwalk has buildings on both sides.


Then it opens up to the beach.

Ocean City Boardwalk

The Boardwalk now has a long run where there's a cement walk closest to the beach.

For the OC Firefighters

The Firefighter's statue is new since our last visit.

Ripley's on Ocean City, MD Boardwalk

We've never gone in Ripley's - but the shark through the building is fun!

Kite Loft Kites on Boardwalk

The kite store had a lot of kites anchored to the beach.  They were fun to see.

After our Boardwalk walk, we ate lunch, played putt putt golf, spent some time sitting on the beach (while the younger members of our party enjoyed the water), went to Candy Kitchen, ate dinner and then headed home.

It was a great day of fun!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Which Hitty Rachel Visits Caswell Beach

Our person's family vacation was approaching, and all the Hittys were in a tither, trying to decide who would get to go traveling.  Finally, the person's darling husband was asked for his suggestion, and he suggested Hitty Rachel Raikes.  Of course, that makes perfect sense, since she is the Hitty who has lived here the longest, and has traveled the most.  An experienced traveler makes sense!

Hitty Rachel got to see the Atlantic Ocean from way up high, on the balcony of the condo that was rented for the week.

A view from our balcony

She got to see the more tropical landscaping down below, in the front yard of the condo.

Condo's Front Yard

She got to see the dunes on her way to the beach.

Hitty Rachel on the dunes

She got to take many trips to the beach.  Here is one photo of her on her final trip to the beach.

Hitty Rachel at the beach

Hitty Rachel had a marvelous time at Caswell Beach on Oak Island, NC!  She loved the Ocean, breezes, sea shells, gulls, sandpipers, pelicans and the quiet solitude of the beach.

Friday, July 6, 2012

In Which We Visit Grandma's House

On Wednesday, our person had a holiday for Independence Day.  Since she had nnot yet celebrated her birthday with her mother, the entire family went to the Eastern Shore to visit Grandma and celebrate the birthday of our person and our country.  The dates aren't the same, but they are "close enough."  Hitty Grace Sycamre Brown went along with another girl who lives here, named Susie.  Susie is part elf and made of resin, but she is very nice to the Hittys.

Hitty Grace and Susie

Susie doesn't like the heat very much, but Hitty Grace didn't mind.  She says the warm temperatures bring her wood to life!  Her first stop was checking on the herbs and potted plants on the deck.  Grandma has a very heavy butterfly living on her deck!

Hitty and Iron Butterfly

Then Hitty Grace looked at the flowers in the flower beds.  These purple ones were low enough to the ground for her to see up close!

Hitty Grace in the Garden

Then she ventured past the back yard, which isn't very big, to the edge of the meadow beyond.  There were a lot of Queen Anne's lace flowers blooming.

Hitty Grace in the open space behind Grandma's yard

We found a plant on the edge of the meadow, and Hitty Grace got some help to see the Queen Anne's lace up close!

HItty Grace and Queen Anne's Lace

It was a beautiful day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

In which we share some new things

Hitty Friend Lydia wanted to show you the prize that she won from entering the April Bo Peep challenge:

She is looking forward to doing some needlework with the wool and supplies in her new basket.

Hitty Grace found something our person brought home from the Farmer's Market on Saturday.  Can you guess what it is?

Hint - if you give up, we can show you on another blog post.

The Chesapeake Bay Hittys hope that all of the Moms had a great Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

In Which Hitty Lydia plays Little Bo Peep

When the CBH girls were reading posts on Hitty Girls, they discovered that the Hitty Girls' April Challenge was to make a photo of Little Bo Peep, but since she'd lost her sheep, she would need to herd some other animals.  Hitty Fiend Lydia really, really wanted to play Bo Peep, so the other Hittys helped her pick out a special outfit, craft a crook, and round up some rabbits.  Most of the bunnies were lent to her by Hitty Beatrix and her sister Hitty Rosemary, however a few were from the Red Rose herd of bunnies.

Here's the photo they're submitting for the challenge.

Hitty Friend Lydia as Little Bo Peep

And here's a close up of Hitty Friend Lydia, doesn't she look like a happy little shepherdess?

Hitty Friend Lydia, Shepherdess

And here's her herd, up close.  As you can see, she brought along her toy sheep, and the Hittys one little lamb snuck into the picture!

A bunch of bunnies and a sheep or two

Sunday, April 8, 2012

In Which We Wish You A Blessed Easter!

Happy Easter from the Chesapeake Bay Hittys!

Happy Easter, from the Chesapeake Bay Hittys!

Jesus is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed!  Alleluia!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

In Which We Visit Longwood Gardens

Yesterday, three of the Chesapeake Bay Hittys, Hitty Rachel, Hitty Maria and Hitty Grace, visited Longwood Gardens.  It was a beautiful day - not too hot, not too cold, not too sunny for photos - just perfect!  More than 250 photos were taken, so we will just share a few here with you. It was a wonderful day for all!

Hitty Maria outside the Visitor's Center

Hitty Rachel and Teak Toad Stools in the Gift Shop

The Peony or Wisteria Garden (?)

Hitty Maria above the Peony Garden

Large Lake

Peirce's Woods guests

East Conservatory

East Conservatory

Main Fountain Garden

Topiary Garden

Monday, March 26, 2012

In Which Hitty Maria Arrives

The Chesapeake Bay Hittys have dreamed of meeting Ancestor Hitty, but have never had the opportunity to see her.  We have read that Michael Langton actually made a Perfume Hitty that replicated ancestor Hitty. Our person searched, but alas, they were nowhere to be found to invite here.

Well, she recently emailed Michael Langton and asked if there were any Hittys who might be ready to travel to new homes.  He kindly responded that he had 3 who were ready to travel, and emailed their photos to us.  We helped our person pick one who had a kind, gentle and happy face and then made arrangements for her travel to our home.  She arrived last Monday, and we gladly let her take her pick from our closet of dresses and began introducing her to our home.  Here are some photos of our newest friend, Hitty Maria.

Hitty Maria

Hitty Maria loves pink

Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Which Hitty Rachel finds a daffodil in the sunshine

Hitty Rachel Raikes had heard from some of the others that the daffodils were blooming.  She had to go outside to see for herself.  She was quite pleased to hear the birds singing, see a very cheery daffodil dancing in the cool spring breezes.
Hitty Rachel Raikes enjoys the daffodils!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

In Which Hitty Beatrix and Hitty Rosemary are Settled In

Reported by Hitty Grace Sycamore Brown
Hitty Beatrix and Hitty Rosemary are the most patience Hittys that I know.  They had commissioned a new home to be built by our person several years ago, and the delays in construction seemed to come almost as soon as the previous problem was resolved.  They were determined to move into their cottage on 1 Country Lane, and nothing would change their mind or make them think about moving back into the bookcase apartment. Well, construction was completed today, with the installation of security latches to keep furry intruders out of the house.  Our person, and all the other Hittys, made sure that Hitty Beatrix and Hitty Rosemary were moved in expediently.  We then left them to relax and enjoy a nice toasty fire, while we wait for a potential snow event.  While taking photos of the house, I noticed that Little Hitty Faith had lingered behind - the dolls, stuffed animals, teddy bears and other toys are too much for her to resist!  So, without further ado, the photos:
Real Good Toys - 1 Country Lane
The covered entry
The covered entry
A peek into the parlor window
A view into the front door
Hitty Beatrix and Hitty Rosemary relax by the fire
Hitty Beatrix and her peg wooden doll
It is warm by the fire
Hitty's bed and bonnet
Hitty Beatrix's bunnies
Hitty Beatrix's bedroom
Hitty Faith finds a teddy bear
Spinning Wheel and Sewing Machine
Sewing by oil lamp in the attic
Hitty Beatrix's attic

Hitty Beatrix and Hitty Rosemary Wilson would like to thank you for vising their humble home.