Friday, July 6, 2012

In Which We Visit Grandma's House

On Wednesday, our person had a holiday for Independence Day.  Since she had nnot yet celebrated her birthday with her mother, the entire family went to the Eastern Shore to visit Grandma and celebrate the birthday of our person and our country.  The dates aren't the same, but they are "close enough."  Hitty Grace Sycamre Brown went along with another girl who lives here, named Susie.  Susie is part elf and made of resin, but she is very nice to the Hittys.

Hitty Grace and Susie

Susie doesn't like the heat very much, but Hitty Grace didn't mind.  She says the warm temperatures bring her wood to life!  Her first stop was checking on the herbs and potted plants on the deck.  Grandma has a very heavy butterfly living on her deck!

Hitty and Iron Butterfly

Then Hitty Grace looked at the flowers in the flower beds.  These purple ones were low enough to the ground for her to see up close!

Hitty Grace in the Garden

Then she ventured past the back yard, which isn't very big, to the edge of the meadow beyond.  There were a lot of Queen Anne's lace flowers blooming.

Hitty Grace in the open space behind Grandma's yard

We found a plant on the edge of the meadow, and Hitty Grace got some help to see the Queen Anne's lace up close!

HItty Grace and Queen Anne's Lace

It was a beautiful day!

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Bama said...

Lovely post. Your Hitty Grace is just darling!

So you had a birthday? Happy belated Birthday! I hope it was a sweet day for such a sweet lady. :o)