Saturday, September 18, 2010

In Which Hitty-friend Carol Visits Chestertown

It has been many months since we've visited our Person's parents on the other side of the Bay.  Today, it  was Hitty-Friend Carol's turn to go along.  She was excited to go, since she had never been there before, and the weather was delightful.

Shortly after our arrival to their house on the edge of town, we all piled into Grandaddy's mini van and drove to the center of this historic town to shop in the Farmer's Market.  There were vendors' tables with fresh vegetables, hand made goods and other interesting things to see.

The Farmer's Market is held in Fountain Park.  At the intersection of the brick paths that cross the park, sits the Fountain.

Back at the grandparents' house, we had lunch and then went on a tour of the garden.  Since they've lived there not quite a year, they've added a lot since our last visit.  This hydrangea is a new variety that will bloom all summer long!

A miniature butterfly bush...

Attracts miniature butterflies!  This one has found another flower to visit.

Beyond the edge of their yard is a field.  They are not sure who it belongs to.  The bird house was a gift from Grandaddy to Grandma. 


They hope to have a lot of bird and butterfly visitors!

Hitty Carol insisted on being photographed with these mushrooms that she found at the edge of their yard.

She says a lot of her friends have shared photos with their local fungi!

It was a most excellent day!