Sunday, February 19, 2012

In Which Hitty Beatrix and Hitty Rosemary are Settled In

Reported by Hitty Grace Sycamore Brown
Hitty Beatrix and Hitty Rosemary are the most patience Hittys that I know.  They had commissioned a new home to be built by our person several years ago, and the delays in construction seemed to come almost as soon as the previous problem was resolved.  They were determined to move into their cottage on 1 Country Lane, and nothing would change their mind or make them think about moving back into the bookcase apartment. Well, construction was completed today, with the installation of security latches to keep furry intruders out of the house.  Our person, and all the other Hittys, made sure that Hitty Beatrix and Hitty Rosemary were moved in expediently.  We then left them to relax and enjoy a nice toasty fire, while we wait for a potential snow event.  While taking photos of the house, I noticed that Little Hitty Faith had lingered behind - the dolls, stuffed animals, teddy bears and other toys are too much for her to resist!  So, without further ado, the photos:
Real Good Toys - 1 Country Lane
The covered entry
The covered entry
A peek into the parlor window
A view into the front door
Hitty Beatrix and Hitty Rosemary relax by the fire
Hitty Beatrix and her peg wooden doll
It is warm by the fire
Hitty's bed and bonnet
Hitty Beatrix's bunnies
Hitty Beatrix's bedroom
Hitty Faith finds a teddy bear
Spinning Wheel and Sewing Machine
Sewing by oil lamp in the attic
Hitty Beatrix's attic

Hitty Beatrix and Hitty Rosemary Wilson would like to thank you for vising their humble home.