Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Party Flowers

On Saturday, our human companion and her family went to her mother and father's home to celebrate the birthdays of 2 nieces' 17th birthdays, as well as the birthday of her uncle and her sister-in-law, and Easter!  Hitty Beatrix was chosen to go along for the ride.  There was a lot of yummy food and desserts.

Hitty Beatrix found the flowers to be her favorite part of the visit.   A wonderful pot of tiny pansys greeted her by the front door.

These flowers were a gift from our companion's employer for her grandmother's funeral on March 26th.  Her mother brought them home for her, and we got to bring them home with us after the party!  There were other potted plants that her mother would keep as momentos.

The uncle brought these pretty tulips for our companion's mother for Easter.

This pretty gerbera daisy was on the table on the back porch.

We wish that our companion had inherited the green thumb of her mother, but perhaps it has not had a good chance to develop yet.  In any event, Hitty Beatrix certainly enjoyed the signs of Spring, regeneration and new life.

Wishing you a blessed Easter,

The Chesapeake Bay Hittys