Saturday, September 15, 2012

In Which We don't get to go

There is a grand Hitty gathering this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (today) in Wallingford, PA.  Our person was not doing her duties as a Hitty companion when it was announced, and registrations were closed before she knew she had missed it.  There is much Hitty meeting, greeting, talking, learning, crafting, gifting, traading and adopting, and WE ARE MISSING OUT ON IT.
The Hitty Girls at home decided to Pitch A Fit, and share the photos on the group site for those lucky ones to see when the return home.  Thankfully, the Chesapeake Bay Hittys did not misbehave quite as badly as some other Hitty families.
But, Hitty Beatrix was found writing a very long entry in her journal.  It began "Dear Diary, this is the worst week of my life..."  I suppose she needs to work out her feelings of disappointment, jealousy and saddness on her own.
Hitty Beatrix writes in her diary
Her sister, Hitty Rosemary, went to bed - with an entire chocolate cake!  She refuses to get up until she gets a new dress.  That could be a very, very long time, knowing our Person!
Hitty Rosemary goes to bed
The youngest, Hitty Faith, pitched the worst fit.  It was so disturbing, I'm afraid she had to sit in the corner, instead of enjoying the latest Hitty Robertson book that we received in the mail earlier this month. Hitty Faith must sit in the corner
I will be keeping the entire Hitty family away from the computers here until things settle down.  There is no good thing that can come from them hearing the stories of the luckier Hittys when they return home.

Respectfully yours,
Hitty Grace Sycamore-Brown


Bama said...

Oh, bless their hearts! I too heard about the gathering. What fun it must be! Maybe they can all go another time.

P.S. Your Hitty room is just lovely with so many wonderful little details.

Jen said...

Oh, thank you, Bama! I do love my Hittys and their house took quite a few years to collect for and build. Next year's gathering is in Upstate NY, which is even further away! Oh, well...