Sunday, April 15, 2012

In Which Hitty Lydia plays Little Bo Peep

When the CBH girls were reading posts on Hitty Girls, they discovered that the Hitty Girls' April Challenge was to make a photo of Little Bo Peep, but since she'd lost her sheep, she would need to herd some other animals.  Hitty Fiend Lydia really, really wanted to play Bo Peep, so the other Hittys helped her pick out a special outfit, craft a crook, and round up some rabbits.  Most of the bunnies were lent to her by Hitty Beatrix and her sister Hitty Rosemary, however a few were from the Red Rose herd of bunnies.

Here's the photo they're submitting for the challenge.

Hitty Friend Lydia as Little Bo Peep

And here's a close up of Hitty Friend Lydia, doesn't she look like a happy little shepherdess?

Hitty Friend Lydia, Shepherdess

And here's her herd, up close.  As you can see, she brought along her toy sheep, and the Hittys one little lamb snuck into the picture!

A bunch of bunnies and a sheep or two

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Bama said...

Very cute! Lydia is so sweet!