Monday, March 2, 2009

In Which We Get Pif'd

The Hittygirls are a most generous group of people!  One person began to "Pay it forward", and before you knew it, there was an entire database of friends willing to "PIF" each other.  Some had asked to be able to give anonymously, while others don't mind if their generosity is publicized.  We have sent one crocheted bonnet to another Hittygirl, and have some ideas for future PIF'ing.  In the past several weeks, we'vebeen delighted recipients.

We received a calendar and printies from Sylvia.

Hitty Rachel was excited by the Valentines from Erin.

Hitty Patty was quick to claim a shamrock coin and ribbon from Michelle.

Won't this new rug from Sandy be perfect for our future house?

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