Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Doll Show, New Sister and Other Special Things!

This weekend was quite exciting!  On Saturday morning, Jen, her husband, Hitty Grace and I (Hitty Beatrix) drove to the Gaithersburg, MD fairgrounds for the Eastern National Antique & Dolls Show.  It is a very friendly place to go.  Three people offered us $2 off coupons while we waited in line at the entrance.  We circled around the booths of the first room and checked out some boxes of Re-ment, but the sets we've wanted weren't there, so we moved on.

Then we saw Hitty Grace's carve-mother, Judy Brown!  Jen was chatting with Judy about  the wonderful items in the booth, and Hitty Grace's pretty lavender sweater and periwinkle dress. Judy admired my apron as well.  She showed us the embroidery work she brought with her in case she was bored with sitting at the show.  She is doing some very nice work and sparked some ideas for future Hitty pinnys.  While Jen was distracted, Hitty Grace invited her long lost sister, Hitty Virginia, to come live with us.  Hitty Ginny (as she prefers to be called) has her roots associated with a Hitty gathering in Williamsburg.  She packed up her trunk, which is a box that looks like a book, with patterns from Judy, a colonial dress making kit, and her mother's antique sewing machine!  She didn't have a stitch ready to wear, so we persuaded Jen that a Boneka outfit would be perfect to wear home.  Jen's husband was actually encouraging her to get what she wanted, saving us all the extra time it would have taken her to debate with herself about spending the money had she been alone! 

As we walked through the show, the Brown Hitty sisters spied a spinning wheel and deemed it the perfect find and insisted that we bring it home with us as well - it is a good thing Jen drives a small SUV!  

Finally, I found a very charming Peter Rabbit tea set to add to my Potter collection.  Now, we will definitely need to start saving for a hutch while we wait for our favorite furniture kit maker to develop a table and chairs for us!  The set looks a bit large, but I believe it is because I am so far behind the set.  I wanted to make sure you could see the wonderful little bunnies!

Today was spent sewing fabric charms into quilts.  We have signed up for the North Country Hitty Charm Quilt Charmer swap.  We mailed strips of fabric to our leader, who cut them all into squares and redistributed them to us.  We made a quilt to keep and a quilt to swap.  We don't know who our swap partner will be, but we hope sharing our work won't spoil the surprise!  If you're in the swap and don't want to see, please, don't scroll down any further!!!

We are all rather tired, having to "spring forward" this morning in the middle of our busy weekend!

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