Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gail Wilson Quaker Dress

Hitty Beatrix is modeling her newest outfit.  The blouse, skirt, fichu and bonnet were made using Gail Wilson's Quaker Dress kit and pattern.  There is also a straw bonnet in this kit, which we will make next!


Anonymous said...

Gail's dolls are wonderful. Your Quaker dress looks just perfect, and you did a fantastic job with it. It almost inspires me to drag out my own kit - but not quite. :) I find that I prefer painting the heads and limbs to assembling the bodies or making clothing for the GW paper mache Hittys. The details are really small and fussy. I guess that's why I admire everyone else's, including yours. Happy

Valerie said...

Your dress is beautiful. I am going to have to breakdown and buy a Gail Wilson pattern. The line of the dress is really lovely.