Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Which Hitty Rachel Visits Caswell Beach

Our person's family vacation was approaching, and all the Hittys were in a tither, trying to decide who would get to go traveling.  Finally, the person's darling husband was asked for his suggestion, and he suggested Hitty Rachel Raikes.  Of course, that makes perfect sense, since she is the Hitty who has lived here the longest, and has traveled the most.  An experienced traveler makes sense!

Hitty Rachel got to see the Atlantic Ocean from way up high, on the balcony of the condo that was rented for the week.

A view from our balcony

She got to see the more tropical landscaping down below, in the front yard of the condo.

Condo's Front Yard

She got to see the dunes on her way to the beach.

Hitty Rachel on the dunes

She got to take many trips to the beach.  Here is one photo of her on her final trip to the beach.

Hitty Rachel at the beach

Hitty Rachel had a marvelous time at Caswell Beach on Oak Island, NC!  She loved the Ocean, breezes, sea shells, gulls, sandpipers, pelicans and the quiet solitude of the beach.

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Bama said...

How fun! Hitty Rachael looks like she had a wonderful time. :o)