Sunday, October 12, 2008

In Which Hitty Beatrix gets a new nightgown

I had been hearing the sewing machine running and the iron hissing on several evenings of the past week.  On Saturday morning, I was taken from my armchair in the roombox on the piano and placed carefully inside my traveling box.  After a little while, I was taken out at a strange kitchen table that I did not recognize.  Jen told me we were at her mother's house, spending the day with her grandmother.  While the grandmother got ready upstairs, Jen produced a new nightgown from another bag and began to sew a button upon the back.  She then made a nice little loop for the button and then proceeded to use the crochet thread to gather the neckline and sleeves.  Then she took out a little circle with lace sewn to the edge, which soon became a little mob cap or nightcap.  She fitted everything carefully to my measurements and dressed me in the new nightclothes for inspection.

When the grandmother saw me, she said that I had a really sweet face and was amazed by the lace and little stitches used to make my clothes.  Jen told her all about ancestor Hitty and how her story came to be told.  That was just part of a lovely day filled with talk about many different crafts, gardening, house plants, fashion and football!  It was very nice to meet the grandmother person.

Here is a photo of me back at home, all ready for bedtime.

- Hitty Beatrix

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