Monday, September 7, 2009

In Which Hitty Beatrix Gets A New Best Dress

Hitty Beatrix has been waiting patiently for our person to open the Gail Wilson Two Best Dresses kit and get sewing.  There is something about September that inspires her to pay more attention to her Hitty household.  The first dress was completed this weekend.  Hitty Beatrix was anxious to try it on, but then decided to save it for when the days turn chilly and she has a special occasion to wear it.  It seems much too dressy for everyday, don't you think?

We are happy to report that she has already begun the second dress in the kit.  We think that Hitty Rosemary will probably claim it!  The Wilson Hitty sisters always claim the kit dresses first!

1 comment:

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Methinks that be a lot of lace for every day....
now, today be bein Talk Like A Pirate Day an I be talkin likes a pirate awl day.
So be my crew ov Beary Pirate cutlasses, arrrrrrr!
Be yu a joynin in, or be yu swabbin the deks?