Sunday, August 10, 2008

Introducing the Chesapeake Bay Hittys

It all started when I read a magazine article about Hitty. I found the idea of having a wooden doll based on a book about that doll very intriguing. Since the book had a historical flavor, it was my cup of tea! I was just getting into making Gail Wilson's historical cloth doll kits, and a wooden doll that had a touch of history would be a nice compliment. So, I ordered a Robert Raikes Hitty from the American Kit Company. She arrived, I struggled though making one dress for her and sat her on a shelf with some cloth dolls I had made. And she sat there watching me continue to live my life.

After a few years had passed, I purchased a Tonner Mary Engelbriet doll and Rosemarie Ionker's Fashion for Small Dolls - I wanted to continue to learn about making doll clothes. While looking at the book, I decided I wanted to try sewing for a smaller doll. I posted some questions about who would be good to sew for, and someone in a group suggested Hitty - Hey! I already have Hitty! I soon found Hittygirls on Yahoo!, and then I fell down the slippery slope into the worl of Hitty. Many Hittys have come to live here, and they have become known as The Chesapeake Bay Hittys (because we live very near to the Cheseapeake Bay in Maryland).

Here's a picture of Hitty Rachel, the first Hitty to arrive here:

This photo is several years old. She was on a cruise on the Bay, and this is the Baltimore Light. She really enjoyed that trip!

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