Sunday, September 8, 2013

In Which Hitty Rachel Visits Frederick, MD

On Saturday, the weather was absolutely lovely for an early September day in Maryland.  We drove to Frederick and began our day at the Visitor's Center.  We walked to Carroll Creek, and followed it all the way to Bakers Park.  Here's a photo of me, Hitty Rachel, at a waterfall along Carroll Creek.

Hitty Rachel at Carroll Creek

We made up our own walking tour all through historic Frederick.  We saw a replica of Barbara Fritchies house, fountains, City Hall, many church steeples, and lovely homes.  We did some shopping on the opposite side of town, then grabbed lunch at "The Cellar."  They had excellent food, and we felt like we'd discovered a great secret - all the street level restaurants were crowded, with people eating at outdoor tables, but we were in a very old basement, cool and out of the sun for  a bit!  After lunch, we visited the National Civil War Museum of Medicine.  That probably wasn't good timing for my person, who is the most squeemish person in our party.

After that, we walked to our car at the Visitor's Center and headed on a road tour of 3 covered bridges in Frederick County (out of 8 in Maryland).  Here I am at Utica Mills Covered Bridge.

Hitty Rachel at Utica Mills Covered Bridge

And at Loy's Station Covered Bridge.

Hitty Rachel at Loy's Station Covered Bridge

And at Roddy Road Covered Bridge.

Hitty Rachel at Roddy Road Covered Bridge

It was a wonderful day.  If you'd like to see more of our photos, here's a link to the Flickr set of the non-doll photos:

Respectfully Submitted,
Hitty Rachel


Serenata said...

How lovely of you to be able to visit these places Hitty Rachel, and so good to see you again! The covered bridges are so interesting - they look like you wouldn't want to go through them in a very large vehicle!

Carolyn said...

What a wonderful day you had! I love covered bridges! We have two in our area and one was struck by lightning a coupe of years ago and it burned more than half of it. The remaining half was saved and moved to a park so it can still be enjoyed.